Not much more to say than this movie is loved in the house. I don’t think I even have an option of not getting this one. So I will be watching this tonight, and singing the songs at work tomorrow.

Project AirTunes

Today was project day around the house. Time to get working on the list of things that need to get done. With a full day planned I wanted some music to help me along. The only problem was that I was working all over the house. So before working I decided to play a little and get AirTunes working.

AirTunes allows a computer with the iTunes music player to send a stream of music to multiple speakers connected to an AirPort Express or Apple TV.

I had played around a few times and controlled music to an Apple TV but I was looking for more. With the master music library on my iMac I connected to the remote speakers.
1) Apple TV connected to the 5.1 stereo in the Living Room.
2) Apple TV in the bedroom using the TV speakers.
3) AirPort Express connected to an older set of Boston Acoustic 3 piece computer speakers in the garage.
4) iMac with 3 piece speaker system in the office.

I clicked play and the whole house erupted in sound. AirTunes keeps all speakers in sync so as I walked from room to room the sound was the same. The master stroke to tie everything together was the Remote app from Apple on the iPhone. This application allows remote control of iTunes or an Apple TV. So the whole sound system was controled from my fingers no matter where I was in the house. That is some serious integration and another example of Apple engineers getting it right. I didn’t need expensive wiring or foresight to place wall speakers in every room with a complicated switching panel.

It was a total win for the day. The only down side was I still had to work on the house projects.

Apple TV, AirPort Express (Music Sharing), About AirTunes, Remote App

*Originally Posted on on October 31st, 2009

The Journey Continues

I originally started this post to be a repost of about how I got to a Video On Demand type of system at home. I realized that while the path to late 2009 is accurate, there has been so much that has changed since then.

I have located the two posts about my Apple TV setup and my Over the Air Antenna setup. In the next week I will get those uploaded again. The next post on this topic will be the continuing story of how we cut the cord.

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*Originally Posted on on October 29th, 2009

My Apple Media System

For someone who doesn’t watch a lot of TV it’s odd that one of my hobbies is audio/video systems. Over the last 10 years I have played a lot with PC TV cards, DVR’s and computer software to watch and record TV. I have a TiVo Series 2 (for over 8 years) which works great for recording analog TV but not archiving. I’ve played with the converter tools but it was a pain. I spent a lot of time getting the best settings to transfer all of our home movies from our Hi-8 camcorder through an ATI All-in-Wonder to DVDs. After countless hours of recording editing and creating DVD’s I decided it was too much work. 4 years ago when I decided to get a Mac the primary purpose was to make the process of making these DVDs easier. Since that time I have converted almost all of our entertainment system to the Apple ecosystem. I now have almost 1 TB of content on my video on demand system.

I get quite a few questions about what components I use and how I have things connected. This is a service map of the core video on demand system.

In future post I will details the components to provide more information.

*Originally Posted on on October 29th, 2009

Only In a Car

For many years growing up I went to the Chicago Auto Show where above one of the escalators there was a sign that read:

“Only in a car can you go where you want, when you want and with whom you choose.”

Growing up I understood what the words meant but it wasn’t until I got older that I truly had appreciation for the meaning. Oh sure, there are those days when I am stuck in traffic. The weeks when I am tired of the daily hour+ commute to work. The days of bad weather when it’s taken me 3 hours to get home. Not to mention the price of gas the last couple of years have made me question how much I drive. I could do some type of mass transit or ride sharing but when it comes down to it, the saying is still so true.. Only in a car.



*Originally Posted on on September 17th, 2009

Receding TV Market

I’ve read that the TV market is having issues because people aren’t buying TVs and using their smart phone. This proves it… LOL

TV Holder


*I don’t have the original location as this was emailed to me.


I didn’t know that February 1st was National Change Your Password Day until I got an email Spiceworks Community.

Seven security steps to take on National Change Your Password Day

I am one of the people who practice good password habits. I am so far on the safe side of things that I actually need to back down my router password. While this post is written for IT Geeks it is number 5 that I think is most important for end users. That is what enables me to have different passwords for websites. I use 1Password from AgileBits. It’s a secure vault for passwords that integrates into your web browsers for easy access. It also has an iOS app (iPhone / iPad) that syncs all my data so when I’m away from my computer I still have access to my passwords.

It’s not just for passwords. I keep software installation keys, secure notes and router configuration information in my 1Password. The applications are not free but if you want to be secure it’s worth the price.

Getting the Site Back

The site lives again…. Well sort-of….

The blog is installed and I am working on the design. I will try to resurrect some of the old post as well as getting some new ones out here. I’m not sure how much blogging will happen and how deep I will go. Since I am a geek the primary focus will be technology .  I have not idea yet on how long the post will be. I tend to get lazy with writing up long posts and I’m not sure if using short post add any value.

As an example, I spent time recently looking at laptops to recommend to a friend. After looking around I really like the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15.  Interesting, but I’m not sure if that’s worth a full post. 

I’ve already said this may be a worthless blog so well just have to try some things out. 

Note: Some of the previous post will be added back to the site as I have time. I had to pull them from the Internet Archive due to bad backups. See Worthless Excuses for more on that. Anything pulled from the old site will be tagged with the Repost category and noted with the original date for reference.

Old Worthless Excuses

The site was down for a long time and I had plenty of Excuses while it was down. I liked them so I am brining them back here.

  • Poor Server Hosting – Old Server was not a good one.
  • Failed migration – Host migrated to the new servers and blew up the site.
  • No Backups – The failed migration was worse because they didn’t tell me they were migrating. When I found out there was an issue, they didn’t have backups for my site. Neither did I.
  • Rebuild – Since I still had the design files, I rebuilt the site but lost all the content.
  • Time for changes – After losing everything I figured it was a good time to change the design.
  • Planning for the layout change – It takes a while.
  • No actual work – What can I say, I’m a busy guy.
  • Google+ – Trying to decide if I want to close this site and just use Google+.
  • Changing Host – I moved all of my sites to Dreamhost and decided not to migrate the old site.

Now we are back to me trying to decide on design and use of the site. We shall see what happens. Wish me luck! 🙂